I just love how much work you put into your teaching profession. Thanks so much for your devotion to this! ”

— Kayley Lynch

Emily is not only an accomplished performer, she is an experienced teacher.  She offers instruction in Fiddle, Classical Violin, Music Theory, and Ottawa Valley Step Dance.  All ages and experience levels are welcome!

She has a specialized approach to pedagogy; creating individualized lesson plans for each student depending on the style they would like to focus on while establishing proper violin technique.  This could be anything from old time fiddle, celtic fiddle, kashubian fiddle, pop, improvisation, and classical music. She believes it is extremely important that students are given freedom to explore, create, and find their passion in music! 




Emily is wonderful! She has taken our daughter’s interest in music, specifically violin and fiddle, and turned it into a passion. Their shared enthusiasm in celtic dance helps! The way Emily teaches is encouraging and understandable to even a beginner. Thank you for being great! ”

— Emma Inkpen

Our daughter has been taking fiddle and step dancing lessons with Emily since 2017, and our son started fiddle lessons in September 2019. We have continued with lessons over Zoom during Covid, which was a fantastic part of our routine when the schools were closed. Emily uses Zoom effectively and manages online lessons very well. Emily's warm personality allows her to relate well with young children (our son started lessons when he was 5) as well as adults. She demonstrates a high level of professionalism and pushes her students to work hard and challenge themselves. She provides tremendous service by hosting two opportunities per year (even virtually!) for students to perform. We would recommend Emily Yarascavitch without hesitation to anyone considering fiddle or step dancing lessons.”

— Nicole Swain

I'm a senior and Emily has been my Fiddle teacher for approx 3 years, both in person and on Zoom..I must say it's been an absolute delight to have her as my teacher..Tons of knowledge,and expertise,very easy to talk to..I learned a TON over the years..and would highly recommend her both in fiddle and dance..Thank you Emily...!!!!”

— Mark Luckasavitch

Emily’s approach to teaching is effective, individually-tailored, and fun. She has excellent attention to detail: she notices the smallest little posture/position adjustments, even over the computer screen, which enables her to provide helpful feedback. She is incredibly dedicated to her students, examples being all the work that she put into organizing an amazing virtual recital, and the fact that she is available to answer quick clarification questions in between sessions. I have learned more than I ever thought possible in the past six months, and I’m looking forward to how much I continue to improve under Emily’s guidance.”

— Ali Gow

I've learned so much since starting lessons with Emily, three years ago! She is patient and supportive, providing feedback that immediately helps me improve. Emily also explains technique on my level, clarifying theory as we go. She continues to be a dedicated instructor over Zoom, just as she was in person.”

— Heather Martin