Emily Yarascavitch is a violinist/fiddler trained in the styles of Canadian Old Time Fiddling, Kashubian Old Time Fiddling, celtic, country, pop, and classical violin.  Her ability to improvise allows her to fit into any musical situation with ease.  She is also an accomplished Ottawa Valley Step-dancer. 

She currently tours North America professionally with The Tartan Terrors, North America's Premiere Celtic Event. She is excited to be part of a new international project called Across: The Fiddlers Collective. She has toured across Canada with The Scott Woods Band and plays regularly with Phill HoodJay Andrews (Shreem X Celtic Remix) and other solo artists. 

Emily is currently a full time music instructor in Oshawa ON, giving lessons in Violin, Fiddle, Step-dance and Music Theory. She is a 2020 Readers' Choice Diamond Winner in the categories: "Best Music Instructor" and "Best Music Instruction Service".

As a classical musician she has completed Advanced Theory and playing examinations through the Royal Conservatory of Music.  

Emily has earned prestigious titles such as Junior Canadian Champion, a Grand Masters Junior Showcase Performer, and a two time Canadian Open Duet Champion. In 2016 she placed 10th at the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Competition in Morinville, AB.

She has worked on several session recordings as a soloist and with string ensemble. Emily released her debut CD My Passion in 2009 and released her second CD with trio Branches of Silver in 2015.   

She is a graduate of the University of Waterloo in Honours Sciences with Minors in Biology and Music. 

A first-class fiddler and step-dancer and a pleasure to hear. ”