Kashubian Fiddling

by: David Shulist

Emily Yarascavitch a real Kashubian treasure. She is a violinist and fiddle player trained in the styles of Kashubian Fiddling, Canadian Old Time Fiddling, Celtic, Country, Pop, and Classical violin. She is a Kashubian Canadian musician and keeps her Kashubian roots very close to her heart. She owns her own music business (Emily Yarascavitch Music) where she passes traditional music to her students. Her love for her Kashubian heritage can be heard through her distinct playing style, performing at our annual Kashubian festival. Her ability to improvise allows her to fit into any musical situation with ease. She is also an accomplished Ottawa Valley Step-Dancer. Her roots are from Round Lake Centre, one of Canada’s Kashubian communities. Her Grandfather Max Pecoskie from Round Lake passed down a family fiddle that her older brothers were learning. She has given many hours as a volunteer to help her community from playing at our annual Kashub festival, St. Casimir’s Parish events and for square dances called by her Great Uncle Stanley Pecoskie became a regular event growing up. There was always fiddle music around the house. Emily has earned prestigious titles such as: 10th place Canadian Grand Master in 2016, two time Canadian Open Duet Champion in 2015 and 2018, Junior Canadian Champion in 2012, Canadian Grand Masters Junior Showcase Performer in 2009. As you can see, Ray and Emily are true Kashubian Champions and when you see them play, you will notice how proud they are of their Kashubian heritage. They are always decked out in the Kashubian national colours, Gold and Black and in Kashubia attire. Ray and Emily also discovered that they are distant cousins through Emily’s grandmother Teresa Chapeskie. With these two, Kashubian pride will never die. Nigdë nie ùmrze kaszëbskô bùsznota. Kashubian. I hope to take Ray and Emily to Kashubia, the homeland of their Kashubian ancestors so they can showcase our Kashubian Canadian fiddle to the sons and daughters of Kashubia.